200 Trees → 200 OG Roles!

[ Buy & Hold, Let Nature Unfold! ]


Diversify your investment portfolio with real-world assets (RWA),
such as growing trees, to hedge against fiat currency inflation.


  • Planted: May 2020
  • European Union/RO
  • Passport: ERC-1155
  • For sale: 200 trees
  • Price: €89 / $99


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What means 'TREE CROWN'?

It's a play on words that means two things:

1. The crown of a tree.
The word "capital" comes from the Latin word "caput," which means "head",
because originally, capital (a person's wealth) was measured in heads of livestock.
We measure wealth and portfolios in tree crowns.


2. Popular currency unit in many countries.
The name originates from the presence of a royal crown on the coin,
symbolizing the security and protection of capital (the coin).
In our case, the capital is protected by the laws of the European Union,
the most successful union to date, with the largest consumer and financial markets.


We combine both concepts in a non-fungible token (ERC-1155 NFT) that functions as a "Tree Passport".
The ownership of the digital asset (Tree Passport NFT) is equivalent to ownership of the physical asset (tree).

What means 'FORSTUM'?

The word FORSTUM ® is a combination of two words: FOR(E)ST + FORUM.

What FORSTUM represents:

Research & Development

A group of experts with a combined FinTech experience of over 50 years, focused on research and analysis, studying investment market trends, the latest technologies, and methods for tokenizing real-world assets (blockchain and distributed ledgers).

Investment Agency

An intermediary agency that focuses on the practical side of the business: finding the best investment opportunities in RWA/trees worldwide, conducting due diligence (evaluating and verifying investment opportunities), and establishing and maintaining relationships between all stakeholders - farmers and the investor community.

Platform & DAO

The platform provides an interface and tools for end users, aggregating all verified and selected investment opportunities in one place, giving users the ability to easily compare them and make informed decisions. We are also creating a DAO for decentralized management and decision-making (exchange of investment ideas and experiences).

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